2011 FCPNY Awards

Our creative department here at the Genesee Valley Penny Saver had an impressive display of talent at this year’s FCPNY (Free Community Papers of New York) conference awards ceremony with multiple awards including six in first place!

2011 FCPNY Awards

- 1st Place: Best Internet Home Page

- 1st Place: Best Grocery, Division B – Process Color or Spot Color
“Great visual make the most of this fresh looking ad.”

- 1st Place: Best Single Ad, Black & White, Division A (Ads less than 12″ – black & white)
“Love American Style look. Artist makes you want to join in with the parade.”

- 1st Place – Ad Camp: Self Promotion – Other Alternatives, Division A – Promotion Other Media
“WOW!! We love this! A brilliant way to engage advertisers.”

- 1st Place – Garage Sale Kits: Self Promotion, Classifieds
“Another great promotion directly tied to increasing ad dollars. Rock on Genesee Valley Penny Saver – Well done.”

- 1st Place: Community / Customer Service, Division A – Community Support – Good Will
“Good use of graphics and advertiser support for community awareness.”

- 2nd Place: General Excellence Magazine, Division A – Up to 15% Editorial Content

- 2nd Place: Best use of Art Service

- 2nd Place: Best Institutional Ad, Division A – Black & White
“Tells you immediately he is qualified and clearly indicates how to reach him.”

- 2nd Place: Self Promotion – Other Alternatives, Division B – Rate Card Design
“Data heavy charts are easy to use due to the use of color bars. Great map.”

- 3rd Place: Best Grocery, Division A – Black & White
“Clean graphic layout.”

- 3rd Place: Best Automotive Ad, Division A – Black & White
“The judges loved the graphics which draw the reader right into the ad.”

- 3rd Place: Self Promotion – Other Alternatives, Division A – Promotion Other Media
“There is a long-term benefit to the product.”

- 3rd Place: Separate Publications, Division A – Magazine
“A good balanced mix or editorial and listings.”

- 3rd Place: Online Presence, Division B – Facebook

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