Alternative Medicine Ends Dog’s Torment…

Dear Paw’s Corner: I read with interest your column about the poor dog that was tormented by allergies. Several years ago I adopted a wonderful Border Collie, “Maisie,” from a couple who couldn’t cope with her constant allergies. Blood tests showed she was allergic to tree pollens, weeds and grasses. It broke my heart to see her suffer, and I took her to many veterinarians. She received allergy shots for more than a year, and many times she was given prednisone, which I didn’t like but hoped would help her. One day a new veterinarian recommended a doctor of Chinese medicine nearby. I brought Maisie in and was told almost immediately, “Yes! I can help her. We need to build her immune system.” Within a very short time she was 100 percent better. She lived happily until she was almost 17 years old. I was fortunate to find a veterinarian who was open to alternative treatments. More vets should consider alternative medicine as a way to help pets. — An Animal Lover in Littleton, Colo.

Dear Animal Lover: Thank you for your letter! I’m glad that you were able to alleviate Maisie’s suffering and find an effective treatment for her chronic allergies. Every pet’s needs and responses to treatments are a bit different — especially when using alternative, homeopathic or holistic therapies — and it can be difficult to find the right combination of medication or therapy. I’m impressed by the amount of patience, love and diligence you showed in caring for your dog and getting her the best care possible.

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