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Can Kings

Can Kings

Can Kings Business Description:  • Bottle/can redemption center recycling all brands,  and sizes with a NY 5 cent deposit on it. • Customers paid cash on the spot; bottles and cans  are hand counted with fast, accurate, and honest  counts. • Accounts and fundraisers available for schools,  clubs, bars, events, Continue reading →

Comparing Traditional Light Bulbs to CFLs

DEAR HAMMER: What is the difference between a regular light bulb and one of those new energy-saving bulbs? If I want to replace a 75-watt regular bulb with a new type, is the wattage the same? — Gladys in Philadelphia DEAR GLADYS: Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are considered the Continue reading →

“Green” Tips Can Save Money, Too

Question: I read your column a couple weeks back about starting an “eco-friendly” home. I have some more tips for your readers that are easy to follow and can save money too: • For the refrigerator, in addition to keeping the coils underneath or in the back clean, also clean Continue reading →