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Young Woman with Laundry Basket

Green spring cleaning ideas that are kind to Mother Nature

(BPT) – It’s not necessary to use harsh chemicals and toxins to achieve a cleaner, fresh-smelling home this spring. Homemade cleaning products and earth-friendly tactics can help you clean green. Here are green cleaning ideas and a supplies list that will make Mother Nature happy: • Begin by decluttering, which Continue reading →

This is a Hammer

Ridding Home of Mice

When they find evidence of mice in the house – droppings, gnawed food containers or disturbed attic insulation – many homeowners will contact a pest-control professional. This is a wise choice if they can’t locate where mice are entering the house or where they’re nesting, because exterminators can help pinpoint Continue reading →

Alan and Christine Fitzsimmons at Renew for You Cleaning

Renew For You Cleaning

Business Description: • Residential and commercial cleaning • Servicing Livingston County • BBB member • Fully insured Business History: • Started in March of 2012 by Christine Fitzsimmons and her daughter Molly, because they saw a need for a cleaning business in Livingston County Specialties: • Attention to detail – Continue reading →