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Dealing With Damage from Hurricane Sandy

Q: After the recent megastorm, we had a lot of debris strikes on our house. The gutter and eaves took a lot of damage, with some of the gutters torn down and the eaves looking ratty. How expensive is this to fix? I don’t have a lot of money. — Continue reading →

Dryer Fires Tied to Lint Buildup

Q: My roommate says that we need to clean the lint filter on the dryer after every cycle, while I think it should be cleaned only when it’s full. Can you settle the argument? — Flo in Harrisburg, Pa. A: This one is pretty easy to settle. Clean the lint Continue reading →

Mineral Buildup Around Faucets

Q: I have a recurring problem with mineral deposits building up around my faucets. How can I reduce these, and is there an easier way to clean it off the faucets and fixtures? — Carl in Ocala, Fla. A: Mineral buildup around faucets, also known as “scale,” is common in Continue reading →