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Repair or Replace Broken Screen Door?

Q: On a visit to our friend’s house, my youngest son ran toward the sliding-glass doors leading to the back yard and went right through the screen door. He’s fine, but I want to fix the damage. Can I do so without having to buy a whole new door? – Continue reading →

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Mom’s Porch Swing Showing Its Age

Q: My mother’s house has an old wooden swing on the front porch that we enjoyed as kids. But it doesn’t look very safe anymore – the wood seems to be rotting, the paint has mostly peeled off, and it doesn’t swing straight. Is it worth convincing her to replace Continue reading →

Outdoor Living Space

Decked out from coast to coast: Top outdoor living trends for 2014

(BPT) – From genteel porches in the East to sleek, seaside balconies in the West, the popularity of outdoor living spaces is poised for significant growth from coast to coast with industry analysts predicting it will be a $5.7 billion market by 2016. Reinforcing these projections, 63 percent of architects Continue reading →

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Can Outdoor Furniture Outlast Winter?

Q: My brother purchased new outdoor furniture for his deck this summer, some nice cedar chairs and end tables. But I’m astounded that he hasn’t yet taken in or covered his new furniture yet. Even though we haven’t had snow yet, the temperature change alone must be taking its toll. Continue reading →

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Vine Gets Tendrils Into Brick Columns

Q: The brick-lined columns outside my front door attracted some kind of climbing vine a few years ago that looks pretty embedded in the mortar. Can I remove the vines without damaging the brick or mortar? – Carol in West Virginia A: Pulling the vines away from the brick surface Continue reading →