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This is a Hammer

One-Sided Windows Won’t Come Clean

Q: I clean my apartment windows every week, but I can’t clean the outside. If I lift the window and reach around outside, I can just get the bottom part of the window. We’re in an upstairs unit, so I can’t reach them from outside. Any solutions? – Frustrated in Continue reading →

This is a Hammer

Funky-Smelling Porch

Q: I have an enclosed front porch that has a moisture and mildew problem. Even on days that are just humid, not rainy, the porch smells musty and mildewy. There also is a carpet across the porch floor that stays damp. If I take up the carpet, will that cure Continue reading →

This is a Hammer

Put Closet Doors Back on Track

Q: My apartment has closet doors that fold open on sliding tracks. Over the past month, the doors have started sticking and one is completely off the track and just swinging open. Is this hard to fix? Our maintenance guys aren’t so reliable. – Mindy H., Atlanta A: If the Continue reading →