Circulation Problems

Common Problems

Having problems with the delivery of your Penny Saver? Here are some of the most common reasons for not receiving the Penny Saver:

  • If you have been gone away for a period of time – or have not been taking your Penny Saver – your carrier may believe that you no longer wish to receive the Penny Saver, and may stop delivering. Upon your return, please notify us to restart delivery.
  • If you share a Penny Saver tube with others, the carrier may only deliver the number of Penny Savers that are taken on a regular basis. When a neighbor who does not typically take one decides to read the Penny Saver (frequently during garage sale season), they may get to the tube before you do. Please notify us to increase the number of papers that are delivered.
  • If you (or a neighbor) have a large party or event (such as a garage sale) during which cars are parked in front of your Penny Saver tube, your carrier may not be able to get to the tube in order to deliver your paper. Delivery should continue as usual the following week.
  • If your Penny Saver tube is in a difficult to reach place (if it is farther back on the post than your mailbox or on the opposite side of the road from other tubes on your street), your carrier may have difficulty delivering. Please notify us to move your tube to a better location.
  • If you have dog that is close to the location where your Penny Saver is delivered (at the time your carrier is attempting to deliver), this may scare the carrier away before they can deliver your Penny Saver. Make sure your pet is not too close to your tube/porch during your typical delivery time.

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    You may also read the Penny Saver online, by going to this page.
  • Please use the options below to let us know your situation. Always make sure your tube is free of any old papers; as well as bee or wasp nests.

    (Note: If you are on a USPS walking route, a tube is not typically necessary to receive the Penny Saver.)
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