Mother’s Day Contest 2014

Congratulations to our Winners!

Chelsea Johns of Rochester

Mother’s name: Chic Yoder
Favorite Mom-ism: When we would get mad as kids, our mom would always tell us to “Go find your happy face; I think it’s under your bed.” This would always upset us even more, but we would go to our room, fume for a bit, then come back in a much better mood. Now she is teaching her grandsons how to find and show her their “Happy Faces.”

Connie Bennett of Spencerport

Mother’s name: Christine Gibbons
Favorite Mom-ism: Years ago we stopped to see my Aunt and Uncle in Salamanca (we lived in Olean) and ended up staying for an impromptu weenie roast! My Mom was sitting out back in a lawn chair, and ate her hotdog with relish (no pun intended) and enjoyed it thoroughly, as we never grilled out at home, just [had] regular and good home cooked meals on the kitchen stove. My Uncle asked her if she’d like another one, and she said that she thought she would, as the first one was so tasty! Well, she got her second hotdog, was half-way through it and got a very serious look on her face. With a very serious look she said these words that can be applied to many other things in life: “The second hotdog never tastes as good as the first.”

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Katie Estes of Lima

Mother’s Name: Christina Russo
Favorite Mom-ism: “Eat your vegetables and stay out of jail.”
Everyday at the bus stop before school, my mom would always tell me and my sisters this. It’s from an old cartoon we used to watch.

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Roger Vanhouten of Webster

Mother’s name: Helen Vanhouten
Favorite Mom-ism: “….the grass will grow again,
the kids won’t.” (Said to my Dad when he was upset that
the backyard grass had been worn into a
baseball diamond.)

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Sue (Sattora) Wadams of Oakfield

Mother’s Name: Alice (Sattora) Beachel
Favorite Mom-ism: Back in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s when we were young, our mom (there were 6 of us) used to say: “I’ll ask you once, I’ll tell you twice, and believe me, there had better not be a third time!!” We are now a loving family of 29 and Mom still rules the roost!! (Oh yeah. . . on the third time, she would pinch that tender piece of skin on the underside of your arm till your knees hit the ground!! LOL)

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We received 111 entries!
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