Am I the only one who’s tired of "side stepping" and "tap dancing" around rude and inconsiderate shoppers? Do you really have to stop and "yak" with your Family and Friends SMACK IN THE MIDDLE of an isle? Sure, I’ll go around YOU, don’t bother moving off to the side so others can pass! Or use your shopping cart like a trains "cow catcher" all while you lean on it like it’s holding you up expecting everyone to "dodge" out of YOUR way. How about the Family of four who walk abreast and make others "squeeze" past in single file. Do we really need road rules for shoppers? Here’s one, "you drive to the right how about walking to the right. You park on the shoulder of the road, how about "yaking" OUT of the isle off to the side. Move yourself and your cart off to the side of the deli case so others can see. Oh, here’s another one…you step in line with others already in front, the Employee asks who’s next and YOU get waited on. NICE… quick act surprised that you didn’t notice anyone around. What a world this can be if everyone wasn’t so SELF-CENTERED! PLEASE Look further than the tip of your nose it may make Holiday…ooops sorry, I’m not afraid to say…CHRISTMAS shopping more pleasent.

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