Dogs Help Bring Neighbors Together

I just wanted to send you a note about something that occurred to me this morning. I was out for my morning run, and on almost every block I found myself waving and smiling to neighbors who were out walking their dogs. I take my own dog, “Riley,” out very early each morning, but at 11 years of age he’s gotten too old to go running with me. Still, it struck me today how many of my neighbors I’ve gotten to know just because we’re all fellow dog owners. Even if we don’t have long conversations, we all have commiserated over the chore of dragging ourselves out of bed early to walk our dogs, or chatted about how nice (or horrible) the weather is. I realized today that I’m acquainted with at least one person on every street that’s part of my running route. It’s just a nice thought I had about how dogs bring people together. Hope you agree! — Riley’s Mom in Albuquerque

That is a fantastic thought! I sometimes wonder about the friendships I might not have made if it weren’t for my pets. I also think that seeing the same owners and their dogs every day is great for the dog, as well. We stop to catch up on gossip and weather, and our dogs get a chance to catch up on … well, whatever they learn from sniffing each other. At any rate, it’s a chance for both dogs and owners to socialize and stay friendly with the neighbors.

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