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“God’s Favorite” coming to Brockport

Per their annual rite of spring, the BUM Players, a local community-theater group, are once again putting the finishing touches on their annual dessert-theater comedy. This year they are proud to present “God’s Favorite,” a lesser known comedy by well-known playwright Neil Simon, with permission from Samuel French Inc. The play will be performed on April 25th and 26th and May 2nd and 3rd at 7:30 PM each night in the Brockport United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, where both rehearsals and stage construction are well under way. As always, delicious donated desserts and beverages will be available during intermission and included in the cost of the tickets.

Long-time BUM Player John “Mack” McCarthy who has been involved with local community theater for several decades will direct, ably assisted by David Snyder.

Although based on the biblical book of Job, “God’s Favorite” is secular in nature, with an uplifting final message for persons of any type of faith, without being “preachy.” Joe Benjamin, played by veteran Turk Thomas, finds himself in the middle of a bizarre wager between God and Satan, wherein God allows Satan free reign to make Joe’s life absolutely miserable, much like Job in the original book. God is betting that no matter what hardships Satan brings upon Joe, Joe will never renounce Him. Unlike the darker biblical version, Neil Simon portrays the tale with a hilarity that is almost hard to imagine. Not surprisingly, it works, bringing very funny hi-jinx and antics to an age-old story.

The story takes place in a Long Island mansion. Other cast members include Joe’s wife, Rose, played by Marci Miceli; his “ne’er-do-well” son, David, played by Dave Odrzywolski; and a pair of nerdy twins, Sarah and Ben, played by Cynthia Hansen and Mike Wild. The household also contains two live-in Russian servants, Magda and Morris, played by Kim Corcoran and long-time BUM Player Charles Edwards. God’s messenger—Sidney Lipton, played by side-splittingly funny Steve Richardson— brings all the “gloom-and-doom” upon Joe at the request of the two opposing deities.

David Hansen, who has also been involved in local theater for decades, serves as Technical Director for this challenging play. Debbie Thomas, Kathy Odrzywolski, and Kathy Klump are Dessert Coordinators. Tickets are available in the Church Office 9 AM to noon, Monday through Thursday or at the door the nights of the show. Tickets may also be reserved by phoning the Church Office at 637-4240 or by calling 261-7381. Always a good value, ticket costs are $8.00 General Admission; $6.00 Seniors (age 65+); and $17.00 per one-family household. For a wonderful night of laughter and fun, don’t miss this show!

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