Mrs. Langelotti’s second grade class poses with the glittery snowflakes they had just finished completing for “The Snowflake Project.”

HCSD makes snowflakes for Sandy Hook

Glitter was in the air across the Holley Central School District on Friday, Dec. 21. Students were working to help create paper snowflakes in hope of bringing joy to the students of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Word has spread from the Parent Teacher Association of Newtown that people around the nation and world are encouraged to help decorate the building their students will soon be housed in. The Newtown PTA created “The Snowflake Project” in hopes of making a cheerful, happy environment for the students as they enter the new building.

Holley CSD moved right into action after the staff at each school received an email about the project from its school social worker. Children were cutting and adding glitter to paper snowflakes as their way of sending love to the students.

The snowflakes will be mailed to Newtown in the coming days.

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