High school students volunteer time to clean the Bergen Swamp

Students at Byron-Bergen Jr./Sr. High School are spending time away from the classroom volunteering at the Bergen Swamp.

Although the majority of the student volunteers are volunteering as part of their community service requirement through either Participation In Government (PIG) class or the school’s National Honor Society, Science Teacher Steve Locke said there are a few students who volunteer without having a community service obligation.

“These students are attending for the fun of it,” said Locke.

Students help with the trail maintenance through ‘work parties” held every weekend. Approximately two to eight students attend the work parties each weekend. Either Locke or Lee Blair, BSPS president, lead the work parties.
Locke, who is also the vice president of the Bergen Swamp Preservation Society (BSPS), said the Bergen Swamp trails require constant maintenance due to the decay and sinking that is inherent to a wetland.

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