I Had No Idea!

In response to people taking responsibility to spay and neuter their cats, I had to share my experience..
I live in a rural area in [local county] and had a stray cat that “adopted” me. Not being interested in keeping a cat, I called my local Vet./ Animal Shelter and was told that they were full and could not take in any more strays.
I then inquired about having her “spayed” and learned that after their required vaccinations, pre-surgery blood work, surgery itself and pain medications it would cost over $347.00
I then contacted both [local animal services] and [local animal welfare organization] and learned that you must live in the City of [local city] to utilize their programs.
[local animal clinic], although sympathetic, could only offer their “low cost” neutering if one is on Public Assistance.
I now have a cat that I have resigned myself to care for. I fear that because I do not have the financial means to have her “spayed” , the risk of more kittens being born is a reality,
How sad that our society would rather euthanise, than make it easy and affordable to control the population. Any Suggestions?

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  1. Please contact Lollypop Farm about their Feral Cat Spay and Neuter Program. On their website they offer spay/neuter services for $55. They will assist with humane traps to catch the cat. Their phone number is 585-223-1330 x 173.

    Thank you for caring about this cat!

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