The University of Rochester awards a significant number of scholarships to incoming students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and potential.

Among more than 1,000 undergraduates who entered the University in fall 2017, these students from the Rochester area received scholarships. (Please see brief description of scholarships at the end.)


Joseph G. Madejski received a Bausch + Lomb Scholarship. 


Liam Bethlendy received a Meliora Alumni Scholarship. Theodore Edward Chapman received a Rochester Promise Scholarship. James Hu received a Xerox Scholarship.  Webster Kehoe received a Rochester Promise Scholarship.  


Grace E. Vangorder received a Wilder Leadership Scholarship. 


Jordyn Noelle Condrate received a Dean's Scholarship. 


Destinee Arianne Bell received an Early Collegiate Scholarship. Olivia Symone Brumfield received a Bausch + Lomb Scholarship. 


Sarah J. Chan received a Bausch + Lomb Scholarship. Joshua Avery Jenkins received a Wilder Leadership Scholarship. Divya P. Naidu received a Wilder Leadership Scholarship. Noah Christopher Neale received a Dean's Scholarship.  


Rexford A. Johnson received a Rochester Promise Scholarship. Joshua Anthony Rosario received a Genesee Scholarship. 


Katherine Alyssa Fuss received a Rochester Promise Scholarship. Jaylynn Nayomi O'Neal received a Prince Street Scholarship 


Alina Marie Mueller received a Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Scholarship. 


Alexander Curtis Rabideau received a Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Scholarship. Remiah L. Sundine received an Alan and Jane Handler Scholarship. 


Luke Thomas Nau received a Bausch + Lomb Scholarship. 


Eleanore Phyllis Barrera received a Rush Rhees Scholarship. Grace Ellen Messina received a Meliora Alumni Scholarship. 


Grace Conheady received a Rochester Promise Scholarship. Connor Hammond Wagner received a Rochester Promise Scholarship. 


Alyssa Nelson received a Wilder Leadership Scholarship. 


Katelyn A. Gibson received an Early Collegiate Scholarship. Elijah Angel Munoz received a George Eastman Young Leaders Award Scholarship. 


Ryan Bruce Babineau received a Dean's Scholarship. Samuel Aleksander D'Amico received a Dean's Scholarship. 


Shannon L. Brady received a Xerox Scholarship. 

University of Rochester named scholarships include:

Alan and Jane Handler Scholarship: With a permanently endowed fund, the Alan and Jane Handler Scholarship is awarded to students selected on the basis of academic excellence, outstanding potential to be future leaders, and demonstrated mastery of complex challenges. The Handler Scholarship is the University’s leading award. Handler students will receive tuition, fees, room, board, books, personal expenses and transportation, as well as individual and group opportunities, for the duration of the regular four-year academic program.

Bausch + Lomb Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to outstanding high school students who have demonstrated excellence in the sciences.

Dean’s Scholarship: Winners of Dean’s Scholarships have demonstrated both academic achievement and the potential to make unique contributions to Rochester student life.

Early Collegiate Scholarship: Students’ early exploration and connection to Rochester through a summer program, along with their excellent academic record, makes them ideal additions to campus. This scholarship recognizes that they have the skills of a Rochester student and is a statement of trust in their continued success here on campus. We look forward to seeing what they accomplish here.

Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Scholarship in the Humanities and Social Sciences: This scholarship recognizes outstanding students who have made a commitment to solving difficult social issues through study, action, and dialogue.

Genesee Scholarship: Genesee Scholars are chosen based on their potential to shape Rochester’s residential and academic communities and inspire their teachers and classmates, helping to make the University of Rochester “ever better.”

George Eastman Young Leaders Award: This award honors outstanding achievement by high school students in leadership and academics.

Meliora Alumni Scholarship: The Meliora Alumni Scholarship recognizes the unique commitment that a new generation of students from University of Rochester families will make. 

Prince Street Scholarship: The Prince Street Scholarship, named after the original campus location in the Arts District of downtown Rochester, recognizes high academic achievers who possess an outstanding creative capacity in one or more artistic fields. 

Rochester Promise Scholarship: Offered to students who have completed their junior and senior years in the Rochester City School District.

Rush Rhees Scholarship: Named for the University’s third president, this scholarship is given to students for academic excellence and is renewable all four years of college.

Wilder Trustee Scholarship: Named for John Wilder, the first president of the University’s Board of Trustees, this scholarship is given to students who have demonstrated excellent academic and extracurricular achievement and have the potential to make strong, unique contributions to student life at Rochester.

Xerox Award for Innovation & Technology: The University of Rochester honors exceptional high school students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the pursuit of innovative approaches and an appreciation for the possibilities of technology.

About the University of Rochester

The University of Rochester ( is one of the nation’s leading private universities. Located in Rochester, N.Y., the University gives students exceptional opportunities for interdisciplinary study and close collaboration with faculty through its unique cluster-based curriculum. Its College, School of Arts and Sciences, and Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences are complemented by the Eastman School of Music, Simon Business School, Warner School of Education, Laboratory for Laser Energetics, Schools of Medicine and Nursing, and the Memorial Art Gallery.

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