What is a BUD?

• DEC Beneficial Use Determination for industrial/commercial wastes to be substituted for virgin/mined materials 

• DEC process that promotes resource and energy conservation

What’s New for BUDs?

• BUD regulations revised as of November 4, 2017, see 6 NYCRR Part 360.12

• BUDs that don’t require DEC review if meeting conditions (pre-determined):

 -  Tire chips in residential septic system leach fields 

 -  Whole tires:150 or fewer, for landscaping projects or playgrounds 

 -  Container glass as an aggregate or mulch 

 -  Spent brewery grains as livestock feed

• Alternative fuel is now exempt from Part 360 Regulations, see 6 NYCRR Part 362-1.2(c)

• Brine used to treat roads is now regulated under 6 NYCRR Part 360.12(f)

• Expiration Notice (which BUDs expire on May 3, 2018?)

 -  Existing BUDs no longer deemed pre-determined (may be case-specific BUD eligible)*

 -  Case-specific BUDs with no expiration date*

*See Beneficial Use Determinations for information/forms to petition for, or renew, case-specific BUDs.

Annual Reports Reminder:

Who Needs to File a Report?  Any holder of an approved case-specific BUD

What Needs to be Reported?

• The quantity of waste beneficially used during calendar year 2017, and

• Any analytical data or other information required in your BUD letter.

When are Reports Due? 

Most reports are due March 1; some not until March 31 (check your BUD letter).

How to Report  

See Beneficial Use Determinations for optional reporting forms.

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