Stop 3  Farmer's Exchange (Nunda Family Pharmacy)

This postcard shows the row of buildings known as the Farmer's Exchange around 1905. W.Y. Robinson had purchased the drug and book store from Dr. J.V.D. Coon in 1902. The building partly visible on the left was once a bakery and is now part of the Nunda Family Pharmacy.

Note the changes that have taken place in the front of the brick Lake Building to the right. The present day stone front was added to the building when the Nunda Bank opened on the first floor just after WWI.

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The Nunda Historical Society has collaborated with the Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Committee of the Genesee Valley Health Partnership to launch the opening of the first Nunda Historical Self-guided Walk. This project is part of the “Be Well in Livingston” initiative to improve the overall health of the Greater Nunda Area.  The public is invited to participate in the Nunda Historical Society Self-Guided Walk, which is an additional physical activity resource in the community! 

Join us for the kick off ceremony and walking event on March 18th at 1 p.m. at the Nunda Historical Society. Enter a chance to win an Olympia gift card for $100 by completing the walk and the survey.  All completed surveys should be placed in the locked drop-box located under the Nunda Historical Society Pavilion by April 18, 2018.  The winner of the drawing will be announced on April 20th, 2018. 

This walk will start and end at the Nunda Historical Society with free parking available. The 1.5 mile walk will guide you through the history of Nunda.  Guide booklets, which provide a map, historical sites, interesting facts, and pictures, are available at the Nunda Historical Society building. 

This walk is a great way to increase physical activity, while also educating yourself and your family about Nunda’s history. For more information and updates on added historical sites, like the Nunda Historical Society on Facebook or check out their website: 

For more information on the “Be Well in Livingston” initiative, please visit: 

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