Neighbors Calling Cops

In response to the person living next door to the person burning trash. In closing of your rant you said, “next time I’ll call 911.” My question is; have you even tried to talk to your neighbor to let them know the smoke was bothering you? I see this happen more & more where if neighbors would just talk to each other maybe they could solve the issue without getting cops involved. I would think the cops have better things to do then to mediate a smoke issue, or loud music, or barking dogs etc…

One thought on “Neighbors Calling Cops”

  1. Actually another neighbor spoke to the “fire bug” and was told she could do what ever she wanted to do on her property and it was none of our business, even though her actions affected us. I spoke to a friend who is a firefighter and was told yes, they are a nuisance call for them but they’d rather come out and let the homeowner know what is acceptable for fire pits and what is not!
    Not all people are out to just call the cops etc. sometimes issues cannot be resolved without a third party.

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