One thought on “Pet Abuse”

  1. The person who called the Humane Society about a dog left in the car was very quick to judge. Unless the dog was in obvious distress it may have been just where it wanted to be. I have a huskie with separation anxiety who goes everywhere with me. he has a crate in the back of my SUV, that I leave open, he has water and in the warm weather he has air. I cannot leave him home alone, and he actually likes going with me. He is fine for up to 2 1/2 to 3 hours without attention but I take him for walks every now and then during our often long sessions away from home. I love my dog and would never harm him. In taking him with me I am doing what is best for both of us. I had an incident once where a man called the police about him because he was in the car making noise, The man thought he was in distress. Actually my dog had heard children and wanted to play with them. I showed him that my dog was not hot or in any distress by taking the man to my car and letting him see the dog and check out the car. My dog quit howling and tried to get the man to play with him. Huskies don’t bark they make howling noises we call “talking”. And they do it at the drop of a hat! Separation anxiety is a common illness and people with those dogs deserve a little consideration as it is difficult to deal with. Adog with this illness can become very frightened and make them selves sick or do thousands of dollars worth of damage to home or car, not to mention hurting themselves which is the worst. So stop and think before you call the Humane Society. You may actually have subjected the dog to what it would see as torture, being away from it’s family.

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