Pug Smells Really Gnarly

I have a 1-year-old pug that really smells. I take “Deb” to have her bathed, and a day later she smells again. I was giving her a bath every week and was told that it would dry out her skin. What should I do about it? I hate to give her up, but she smells really bad. Sign me — Pinching My Nose in Rochester, N.Y.

I’ve never owned a dog that smelled so bad I had to give it up. But I have owned a few smelly dogs in my lifetime. In most cases of chronic odiferousness, a skin problem or other medical condition is the culprit. That’s why I would recommend you take Deb to a veterinarian who has experience with pugs and their unique issues. Any time a dog’s odor is frequently and noticeably unpleasant — not just when you get up close to their fur and sniff, but almost literally “Oh man, Deb’s in the room,” you should have her checked out. One problem that’s been noted in pugs is yeast infections, which can produce a rather gnarly smell. Dogs prone to these infections need careful monitoring and shouldn’t be bathed too much (as dry skin can worsen the problem). Because pugs can suffer from skin problems and allergies, you want to be careful about how frequently Deb is bathed and what shampoos are used. Talk to the vet about best grooming practices for a pug.

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