Quit Thowing Cigarettes Out your Windows!

I am an expressway driver and have to drive east to west every morning on my way to work. Every day on 490 West I am replused to see multiple drivers carelessly throwing their still lit cigarettes out their windows and watching them bounce off the pavement hitting passing vehicles! Think of what you are doing which is throwing a fire starting object at machines that are run on gasoline and oil! I see this repeatively throughout my whole commute. It seems possible that a cigarette could get caught up in someone’s underside of their car while they "bounce" across the pavement. Just the other morning I saw a small brush fire starting in a small patch of grass right beside the expressway – a cop was on the scene but I am willing to bet it was caused by someone’s cigarette! Think of what you are doing cigarette smokers and if you are going to litter the streets, at least put the fire out before you throw it out into the roads! Have some consideration for the safety of others and some compassion for yourselves – quit smoking! Signed, Repulsed in Fairport

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