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People who responsibly rescue dogs, ones with non profit status and file all their paperwork with the state & IRS have a lot riding on their reputation on top of just adopting a dog out to any home. The reason rescues ask personal questions on applications regarding the care of current animals, fencing, and history of pet ownership/neglect is because although you may not agree a bad home is not better than no home! Rescues put a lot of time, money, energy into finding the appropriate homes for dogs based on the dog first and foremost, not making someone happy adopting a dog that will no be cared for properly. If a dog was surrendered for being not liking children we certainly do not want to adopt the dog to a home with no fencing and to a person with young children. It is called being responsible, and as a non profit we cannot afford to take risks and have a dog or human hurt just to take the first application that may come in even when it is not an appropriate home. Is the system flawed? Will some irresponsible dog owners still find a way to get dogs? Absolutely, but they will not be getting our dogs…the dogs in our care will be given to homes we know are good, appropriate, and happy homes. I would certainly say that we have denied good dog owners before due to not having a spayed/neutered pet, but that is a risk I am willing to take to educate on the importance of spaying/neutering and avoiding our rescued dog to be in jeopardy. Go save a dog, I will never hold it against you for not adopting from us, so please do not hold it against us for taking extreme passion and care in to ensuring our rescued dogs are safe, happy, and in well deserved homes. To bash a rescue because you were not approved is sad, if you are a true and avid animal lover you would understand and support that we are not amateurs and have had to put these policies in place for a reason.

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  1. I would like to comment on the person that was denied adoption by a local humane society or 501 C3 rescue group. Thank you for upholding your principals and denying this person a dog!
    I have been in rescue for almost 25 years and would never allow this adoption to this applicant. I would run from this applicant as fast as I could. It is safe to assume that people that have this philosophy do not provide medical care for the pets. If we were to do a reference check they would not have a vet relationship I am sure of this!
    We in the rescue world have higher standards than this person would provide to a dog or cat.
    I love to decline people like this – Go rescue groups – keep up the good work. Our pets deserve better!!
    Oh Mr denied pet owner – we do home visits and check vet references which you would not pass. Our litmus test is our application and the first step which you failed!

  2. In regards to the person that was angry that they were denied a pet adoption because their pets at home were not spayed or neutered you must really put yourself in the position of the shelter that denied you. If you already have a pet that isnt spayed or neutered it is most likely because you couldnt afford it. Pets are an expensive life time investment. Not only should they be altered for their own health benefits but also to keep the unwanted populations down. They also require yearly check ups and vaccines along with proper flea/tick and intestinal parasite prevention. On top of that your pet may fall ill during his lifetime with you. Do you have the financial means to properly treat your pet in case of such emergencies? If you cannot afford all of the above, truly you have no business adopting an animal. This is the responsible position of all caring animal shelters.

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