Re: Did I move to Russia?

You didn’t move to Russia.

The area I live in is invested with students that park 6-10 cars on lawns driveways and both sides of the street. The town started enforcing laws already in existance; no more then 4 cars in a driveway over night. (doesn’t count what’s in the garage. No more extending the driveways and parking on the grass are new laws placed to curb the problems created by the few!

But it sounds more like someone was lazy and didn’t want to have to move the car when your wife needed to park in the garage. Don’t even think of rebuffing it… was laziness you were fined for. We had 4 cars before the kids moved out and we all had to juggle cars so those first out in the morning would have the access and if we didn’t we had to get up and move for them (not park on the lawn).

Second, the town sent a newsletter out, which you must have thrown out because it stated the law was going into effect and there would be a grace period before fines.

SO if you want to blame someone, blame the students from the big school in town (also the cause of much garbage on the road which seems to end at the end of the school year) for the town having to make a law like that to protect our family neighborhoods from evil builder-renters of family houses renting to 6-10 students per house and yourself for being lazy by not moving cars and for not paying attention to the news letters sent out. Become more informed. Of course those that aren’t informed are in Russia or China; you could always move there and complain and see what happens.

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