Re: Integrity Virus

George, I have to agree with you. The only comment I want to add, in defense of the Military, is that that are two seperate types of Military Personnal serving. One, the types that we all know. The ones that join to defend our country if need be, or to begin a career, or simply to see the world. Then, there are the other types, typically from "well-off" or Politically driven backgrounds. These are the ones that are destroying our country. They’re our "Homegrown enemies." MONEY TALKS….that’s where are downfall begins. We should find a way to recognize those who SHOULD be leading our Country, regardless of MONEY. But then…. my alarm rings… I wake-up…. and….

Integrity? Why bother. A President who has affairs INSIDE the White House…JFK and his "laisons" inside the White House…etc, etc, then what do the MORONS say? Who care what they do on their own time….. Integrity, Morals … FLUSH!

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