Re: Local Cable DING

If you are going to complain about it please tell THE WHOLE STORY NOT JUST THE WORST PART OF IT

I got a notification as well and I read it CAREFULLY

the whole story is …

yes they are, going to start charging $3.95 monthly " service fee" , BUT it Also states that when it comes to the Modem they want us to have a choice ..So WE have a choice we can keep their modem and pay the monthly fee … OR we can opt out (and avoid the fees) at any time and buy our own modem with no penalties ( try that with the "phone" company)

Now if you look at it logically you can buy a decent DSL cable modem in the price range of $40 and up. looking at it from an economical and value point of view it would be cheaper to purchase your own ( if you pay $40 -$50 for one it will have paid for it’s self in fee savings in about 11-12 months in comparison to the new cable company fee. I know I am going to purchase my own because when I move in the next couple years I can take it with me .

one last thing $3.95 a month is not bad, compared to other providers who charge a lot more ( $4.95 and up for the modem fees. )

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