I read I have got to Vent every week and I have never seen people complain about such petty stuff. Is that what we have become? We have serious issues out there that people need voice their opinions on to make a difference. We have people who are homeless and living in tent cities. We have countless people who are in need of a job. It’s time to wake up from your self-centered ego and make difference. Who cares whether someone said hello or not it’s time to wake up.

3 thoughts on “Really?”

  1. By the way, thank you GVPS simply for having this column. I don’t feel my vents are petty and It sure makes me fell better to address opinions whether, good or bad in writing, as opposed to other options.

  2. Vent. The definition is, a means of escape or release from confinement; an outlet. I knew a man who kept everything in. Never vented. Went into work to find out he jumped from a bridge. Maybe a release could’ve prevented this. If people feel better venting let them. Don’t like to hear it , DON’T READ IT! Oh, and stop complaining about those who do. Your vent is hypocritical and petty also. Want to know how we can fix this country? Everybody mind their own business!!

  3. While I do believe people should be able to vocalize what’s bothering them, since it’s good to get it out as opposed to keeping it in; I whole-heartedly agree with you that some people are so petty and complain about every little thing. And here we are complaining about people who complain! Lol, people need to focus on the positive and enjoy the happiness in their life and use that as motivation to help others find happiness in their own life. I hope some habitual complainers read this post of yours and self evaluate! Kudos

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