Shame on the driver who killed a tiger and white pawed cat on 5&20 by the town sign! A precious creature of God!

And a big thank you to my neighbor, for letting me know! Proper respects were given.

C & RL

One thought on “SHAME ON THE DRIVER”

  1. How dare you blame the Driver!!! If it was your pet, IT SHOULDN’T BE OUTSIDE RUNNING LOOSE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD! Shame on YOU for not having your pet under control. Please don’t try the, “it just got loose” excuse or “the Driver should’ve stopped” garbage. I hit a dog a couple years back that darted in front of me. It was just injured and lived, but as the owner ran out of his house, BLAMING ME we almost got physical. I think I was more upset than him. Ever think about how the Drivers feel? Probably not if you won’t accept responsibility.

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