Here we go again, more senseless killing. The first to jump on the bandwagon, pressing their agenda, were the anti-gun people. If they had their way, the only ones that would loose guns are the law abiding owners. Ban them, then the only ones that have guns will be the criminals. GUNS WILL NEVER GO AWAY! Perhaps better controls or a better system to evaluate those who purchase large quantities of weapons, ammunition or explosives could lower the risk of these "wacko’s" obtaining the materials that can cause major disasters. Next, the Idiots who blame a Talk Show Host. You know I’m talking about Rush. Funny, due to the extensive Media coverage, they’re concerned about Copycats. Perhaps the MEDIA is really the "smoking gun" here. It’s constant coverage from the massacre from Survivor interviews to Family interviews to those who could’ve been there but were’nt interviews. But the Media won’t get blamed when the next "Psycho" wants to "out do" the last. To tie politics and even try to blame a Talk Show Host for this disgusts me. Could this have been avoided? Maybe or maybe not. Hindsight? The only thing I’m sure about, in my opinion, is the uncontrolled MEDIA is contributing to thses horrific events. Perhaps local coverage only. Then only for a limited time. Maybe this would reduce the Copycats Nation wide. At least an attempt by the Media should be demanded, then review the results after a awhile. See if it makes a difference. Freedom of speach? I used to believe in that. RIGHTS REQUIRE RESPONSIBILITY! That’s what I believe in now.

3 thoughts on “Shootings”

  1. No MEDIA DRIVEN copycat here?….."gotta get the scoop, gotta get some tears… " This idiot COWARD wanted attention. Simply look at how the MEDIA invaded Connecticut. Guess what, he's getting the impact he wanted. Time to BLAME the irresponsible MEDIA for not knowing when to stop. How about the history of this "wacko". How about no Family, Friends or Neighbors having ANY inclination of this? No forewarnings? We don't need "whitch hunts" but if someone goes to this extreme, somebody with "hind sight" may be saying today, "I thought something was odd or he's acting weird" or he's extremely angry, scarey angry, maybe we should've informed the Authories so they could've helped or intervened. MENTAL HISTORY AND THE MEDIA. These are the two issues that we HAVE to focus on FIRST. GET the "wacko's" off the streets and put a leash on the MEDIA.

  2. Another Idiot "wacko" COWARD in Webster. I'm sure the "sheep" are already on the anti-gun bandwagon. STOP BLAMING THE GUNS! They are a TOOL that these wacked out Cowards use. If not guns it'll be explosives or vehicles etc. next time.

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