Staving neighbors

I was shopping at a food store in Henrietta for food items to make meals for people that have less and are hungry.
I noted 3 dozen cartons in the case with one egg broken in each one. I thought that would be a wonderful addition to the meal I planned for these people. When I got to the checkout station, I informed the cashier that there was 1 egg broken in each carton,could I get a reduced price, noting the other 11 eggs in each carton where "FINE". She picked up the 3 cartons and "SMASHED" them in the garbage can and said [b:10x3mw59]"You can buy undamaged ones at normal price".[/b:10x3mw59] Here I was trying to help them get rid of 33 perfectly good eggs for the sake of (3) eggs total . So 33 good eggs where thrown away. WHAT A WASTE! So much for helping the HUNGRY !!!!

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