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Victor Pharmacy Adds Medication Collection Box

Victor residents looking to dispose of excess and expired medication can now make use of a permanent collection box at Mead Square Pharmacy at 52 W. Main Street. The box is accessible during Mead’s business hours – Monday through Friday 9 am – 7 pm and Saturday 9 am – Continue reading →


Follow Guidelines for proper disposal of prescription drugs

The Livingston County Department of Health would like to remind you of the importance of properly disposing of prescription drugs. The FDA and White House Office of National Drug Control Policy have developed federal guidelines for the disposal of prescription drugs that are summarized here: Follow any specific disposal instructions Continue reading →


Exhibit commemorates Civil War Veteran

An impressive collection of Civil War artifacts related to Captain William Fitzer Williams is on display for the months of June and July at the Fairport Historical Museum, 18 Perrin Street. The display includes Captain Williams’ military weapons, uniform badges and buttons, and letters, most sent home to his wife Continue reading →


Byers Carolers

Q: My wife has a collection of 25 to 30 Byers Carolers, all in original boxes and in good condition. We have downsized and are looking to sell them. Do you know of anyone in the secondary market who deals in them? – Ralph, Coventry, R.I. A: I made several Continue reading →