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Exhibit commemorates Civil War Veteran

An impressive collection of Civil War artifacts related to Captain William Fitzer Williams is on display for the months of June and July at the Fairport Historical Museum, 18 Perrin Street. The display includes Captain Williams’ military weapons, uniform badges and buttons, and letters, most sent home to his wife Continue reading →


Byers Carolers

Q: My wife has a collection of 25 to 30 Byers Carolers, all in original boxes and in good condition. We have downsized and are looking to sell them. Do you know of anyone in the secondary market who deals in them? – Ralph, Coventry, R.I. A: I made several Continue reading →


Sails for Sustenance – Sail Collection for Haitian Fishermen

Shoreline Sailboats and Haarstick Sailmakers combine efforts to collect as many sails as possible from Western New York sailors during the months of November, December, and January.The charity Sails for Sustenance recycles used sails from the U.S. and delivers them to Haitian subsistence fishermen. Why? The fishermen of Haiti build their own boats and Continue reading →