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Proactively developing a checklist of questions to ask your contractor before starting window replacement projects will help ensure you get the correct windows for your home.

Spring window checklist: 5 questions to ask your contractor before replacing windows

(BPT) – With spring quickly approaching, it’s a good time to begin thinking of home improvement projects that will look great, but also save energy. Window replacement is one project that will help increase the energy efficiency of your home and improve curb appeal. There are often telltale signs a Continue reading →

Altra Rental

Altra Rental

Altra Rental Business Description:• One stop shop for contractors looking to rent or buy.• A short-term need doesn’t always justify a purchase and a rental becomes the ideal solution. Business History:• Jim Pedulla started Altra 14 years ago because he was getting so many requests from his friends to borrow Continue reading →

Multimeter Diagnoses Electrical Problems

DEAR HAMMER: Every so often you talk about using a multimeter to check for electrical problems. How does one properly use a multimeter? — Haley in Huntsville, Ala. DEAR HALEY: A multimeter — a rectangular handheld device featuring testing probes, a switch and an indicator needle or digital readout — Continue reading →

Getting Rid of that Mildew Smell

Question: Our home has a finished basement that has stayed dry until recently, when we had several weeks of steady rain. Last week, I noticed a large bubble in the (latex) paint in one corner of the basement, and the carpet in that corner was wet. We sopped up the Continue reading →