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To Your Good Health by Dr. Keith Roach

Here’s the Skinny on Artificial Sweeteners

DEAR DR. ROACH: I have questions regarding sugar substitutes. I have come to the overwhelming conclusion that sugar is a poison to the human body. However, I have never read any information regarding the safety of sugar substitutes. My questions are: Are they harmless to our bodies; are some safer Continue reading →

To Your Good Health by Dr. Keith Roach

Restless Leg Syndrome No Laughing Matter

DEAR DR. ROACH: Why do people snicker when I tell them I have RLS? They wouldn’t laugh if they knew the amount of sleep deprivation I have endured during the 20 years it took to correctly diagnose it. I think if it hadn’t been for Sinemet (levodopa and carbidopa), a Continue reading →

kidney health month

Learn the Risk Factors for National Kidney Month

Kidney disease kills more people each year than breast and prostate cancer combined. But while the majority of Americans can recite the common tests for breast and prostate cancer, not many know the risk factors and tests that could keep them off of dialysis and the transplant list. March is Continue reading →