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USA  Masters Academy team FAST, Left to Right: Carly Moses, Asad Ruffin, Kathryn Cywinski, Gyasi Ruffin, Jasmyn Pitt, Dustin Coha, David Tuttle (coach)

Locals Compete in National Championships

Recently, seven athletes from USA Masters Academy in Canandaigua competed in the USA Taekwondo National Championships. This year’s championship was held in San Jose, CA over the July 4th weekend. They are: Jonathan Price, Carly Moses, Asad Ruffin, Gyasi Ruffin, Jasmyn Pitt, Kathryn Cywinski and Dustin Coha. This competition represents Continue reading →

How to Correct a Pet Owner

DEAR PAW’S CORNER: My son and his girlfriend have two Pomeranians. One is an 8-year-old female, “Sassy,” which the girlfriend had before they got together. The other is a male, “Junior,” now about 21 months old. Junior is considered my son’s dog, and he disciplines him by flipping him over Continue reading →