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God and Jesus, Politics and Government

by Dr. Mark Hendrickson Is God a Democrat? A Republican? Was Jesus a conservative, liberal, socialist, or libertarian? Those are jarring questions. Yet, because faith informs one’s values and values inform one’s political leanings, it is understandable why religion and politics often intersect and overlap. And because there are myriad different Continue reading →


A miracle of coincidence

By Dr. Mark Hendrickson Every now and then, something unforeseen and special happens—something that logic or reason would tell you is either impossible or that the odds against it happening are overwhelming. And yet those things occasionally happen and fill us with wonderment. How should we characterize or classify such Continue reading →


The Pentagon Budget as Political Football

By Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson The Pentagon’s budget occupies center stage in the sequestration drama. Defense spending comprises approximately 18 percent of the 2013 federal budget, but it accounts for 50 percent of federal spending cuts stipulated in the sequestration agreement. Why is there such a disproportionate impact on the defense Continue reading →