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bike a thon banner

An amazing ride

by Janet Olexy Cohocton’s Margie Adams has been the driving force behind the community’s Wheels for Life Bike-a-Thon for over 25 years.  Since 1989, the number of participants has grown from 21 to over 125 and the annual event has helped raise $154,399.44 for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. When representatives Continue reading →

Project Rule Founder and Reigning Miss Jr. Teen Rochester Alia Bajorek

The Anti-Bullying Ballerina

by Cara D’Emanuele What do you get when you combine a ballerina and pageant queen with her Broadway producer mom? A power team! Add to that the expertise of an award-winning arts educator and director and you have the women behind Project Rule, the nation’s newest nonprofit anti-bullying organization. Based Continue reading →