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Skylights Over Bed

Take advantage of tax credits to stretch home improvement dollars

(BPT) – Warm weather heralds home improvement season. It’s also the season of high electric bills as air conditioners hum to life in response to rising temperatures across the country. When you’re making summer upgrades to your home, improvements that make your house more livable and attractive are even more Continue reading →

Radiator Woes

DEAR HAMMER: I’ve got an old hot-water heating system that pumps water from the boiler to the radiators around my house. I’ve noticed that some of the radiators heat only halfway: The bottom part heats, but the top part doesn’t. Any reason for this? — Jerry in Randolph, Mass. DEAR Continue reading →

Space Heaters Are Handy, But…

It’s that time of year again. As temperatures cool down and Jack Frost makes an appearance, homeowners start looking for efficient ways to heat their homes. It’s also when the number of fires caused by improperly used portable electric space heaters begin to climb. Yet we can’t abandon space heaters Continue reading →