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This is a Hammer

Wood Floors and Water Don’t Mix

Q: While I was away on a business trip, my roommate decided to buy a couple of floor plants and put the containers directly onto the hardwood floor with nothing under them. By the time I got back, a couple of waterings later, water had run out of the pots Continue reading →

This is a Hammer

Why Weather Stripping?

Q: What’s the point of adding weather stripping around doors and windows? Today’s homes are pretty well built already. — Jake in Denver A: It’s true that good quality, sturdy doors and windows are available these days, but not all homes have them installed: Maybe the builder went with cheaper Continue reading →

This is a Hammer

Cleaning Chimney Not a DIY Project

Q: Can I clean my own chimney? I don’t want to spend tons of money and be told I have to make expensive repairs just to use the fireplace. — Rich C. in Portland, Maine A: Your reluctance is understandable, because the chimney cleaning industry, like other contractor services, has Continue reading →