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This is a Hammer

Is Drywall OK for Ceramic Backsplash?

Q: I want to liven up the backsplash behind my kitchen sink by adding ceramic tile. But a friend told me the wrong kind of wallboard is up there and that the tile will just fall off. What is he talking about? Can I tile directly on the painted surface? Continue reading →

This is a Hammer

Winterizing: Shutter Repair

Q: My mother’s house has wooden louver shutters that have stayed open on either side of the windows outside the house for years and years. Many of them are in disrepair. Are they worth saving, or should I replace them? — Jim H., Gardner, Mass. A: The decision to repair Continue reading →

This is a Hammer

Winter Protection for Young Plants

Q: Last winter was a doozy by any standard, and several of my border shrubs that had survived previous winters unprotected froze and died off. I replaced them, but I don’t want a repeat if we have another bad winter. What’s the best way to protect the new plants? — Continue reading →