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Digging in Ground with Shovel

Call 811 before every digging project, large or small

(BPT) – With the snow melted and the ground thawed, many eager homeowners and landscape professionals are ready to start projects that require digging this spring. During this transition into “digging season,” Common Ground Alliance (CGA), the association dedicated to protecting underground utilities and the people who dig near them, Continue reading →

Digging soon? Call 811 first for safety's sake

Digging soon? Call 811 first for safety’s sake

(BPT) – With winter forgotten and spring in the air, many homeowners are packing away their snow boots and rolling up their sleeves to get started on long-awaited home improvement projects. Across the country, homeowners and professionals alike will plan landscaping and home-improvement projects that require digging this season. During Continue reading →

Couponers, Put Down the Scissors!

During the past couple of weeks, I’ve shared some of the ways that expert coupon shoppers plan shopping trips. They only buy an item when its price hits a low point in the store’s 12-week pricing cycle. They use grocery list matchup websites to view a detailed list of what Continue reading →

Why Smart Couponers Clip Judiciously

Knowing the best ways to use coupons and match them to low-priced sales gives shoppers a huge advantage compared to paying full price at the grocery store. Stocking up when items are at very low prices is, of course, another factor in saving big on the items we buy often. Continue reading →