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To Your Good Health by Dr. Keith Roach

Does 90-Year-Old Still Need Ob-Gyn?

DEAR DR. ROACH: Two years ago, at age 90, my gynecologist told me that I did not need to see him anymore because of my age. When I mentioned this to my daughter, she became outraged, and said that I need to continue my mammograms and visits to the doctor. Continue reading →

Sciatica: Big Nerve Can Be Big Problem

Dear Dr. Donohue: I am a 78-year-old woman, and five months ago I came down with sciatica in my left leg underneath the buttock. It’s very painful. I’d like to know if there is something that can be done. — S.M. Answer: The sciatic (sigh-ATTIC) nerve is the body’s longest Continue reading →

Breast Exam

While leafing through a leading medical journal, Woman’s Red McCosmolaine, I came upon a pair of female breasts. Actually, it was just a picture. Below was a caption announcing “FAST FOOD OUTLETS “(available in two convenient locations.) This ad for infant drive-through’s got me doing some serious pondering about breasts. Continue reading →