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Chelsea Teapot

Q: I have a Chelsea teapot that originally belonged to my aunt. I suspect it is from the Victorian era. How much do you think it is worth? — Rob, Booneville, Ark. A: Chelsea ceramics were made from about 1830 until the 1880s in the Staffordshire district of England, so Continue reading →


Cookie Jar

Q: I have a Liberty Bell cookie jar that is marked with the dates 1776-1976, so I assume it was made to commemorate our country’s bicentennial. Is this something worth keeping or passing along to my great-grandchildren? – Ruth, Barre, Vt. A: I think you are probably correct that your Continue reading →


Historic Newspaper

Q: I have an original Boston Herald newspaper published Nov. 23, 1963, reporting the assassination of President John Kennedy in Dallas. What is this newspaper worth? I have been told it belongs in a museum. – Edward, Nashua, N.H. A: Your newspaper is, perhaps, worth about $25. It is not Continue reading →