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This is a Hammer

Funky-Smelling Porch

Q: I have an enclosed front porch that has a moisture and mildew problem. Even on days that are just humid, not rainy, the porch smells musty and mildewy. There also is a carpet across the porch floor that stays damp. If I take up the carpet, will that cure Continue reading →

This is a Hammer

Mom’s Porch Swing Showing Its Age

Q: My mother’s house has an old wooden swing on the front porch that we enjoyed as kids. But it doesn’t look very safe anymore – the wood seems to be rotting, the paint has mostly peeled off, and it doesn’t swing straight. Is it worth convincing her to replace Continue reading →

Major Home Repairs Tough on Seniors

DEAR HAMMER: My front porch is in pretty bad shape, with holes in the floor boards and one of the corner posts looking like it’s about to fall. The city has already been by once and warned me about it — next time I’ll get a fine. But I’m on Continue reading →