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Who Knows?

Who Knows? – November 11, 2012

FIND IT… DONATE IT… QUESTIONS? Who knows where to find the entire series of Best in Children’s Books from the 1950’s?Who knows where to find the Milton Bradley game Mall Madness? Free Donations Available To Nonprofit Organizations OnlyWho could use a 15” Digital TV/DVD player (DVD player is built into Continue reading →

Can Kings

Can Kings

Can Kings Business Description:  • Bottle/can redemption center recycling all brands,  and sizes with a NY 5 cent deposit on it. • Customers paid cash on the spot; bottles and cans  are hand counted with fast, accurate, and honest  counts. • Accounts and fundraisers available for schools,  clubs, bars, events, Continue reading →

Reader Gripe: Couponers Court Eco Disaster

Sometimes complaints land in my inbox. Last week, I answered a note from a reader about couponing and processed foods. Here’s a letter from a reader who wonders about the environmental impact of coupon shopping.Q: “Saving money isn’t the only consideration in making choices. What about all the energy that Continue reading →

Know How to Dispose of Household Waste

Question: Occasionally in your columns, you’ll advise readers to “properly dispose of” a chemical such as latex paint or thinner. What constitutes proper disposal? — Chuck D. in Cincinnati Answer: Proper disposal of household waste — especially waste that is toxic to humans, pets and wildlife and waste that does Continue reading →