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This is a Hammer

Squirrels Set Up Residence in Attic

Q: While putting some stuff in the attic, I heard some scratching and squeaking sounds. I know we don’t have mice in the house, but I couldn’t see any nests or fur around the attic. Sitting outside the next day though, I saw a squirrel climb under the eaves and Continue reading →

This is a Hammer

Ridding Home of Mice

When they find evidence of mice in the house – droppings, gnawed food containers or disturbed attic insulation – many homeowners will contact a pest-control professional. This is a wise choice if they can’t locate where mice are entering the house or where they’re nesting, because exterminators can help pinpoint Continue reading →

A Plumber’s Snake? What’s That?

DEAR HAMMER: One thing my uncle recommended when I moved into my recently purchased house is something called a plumber’s snake. Just what is that? I presume it’s for getting into pipes or something. — Tammy in Des Moines, Iowa DEAR TAMMY: You’re right, Tammy, it does have something to Continue reading →