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This is a Hammer

Ridding Home of Mice

When they find evidence of mice in the house – droppings, gnawed food containers or disturbed attic insulation – many homeowners will contact a pest-control professional. This is a wise choice if they can’t locate where mice are entering the house or where they’re nesting, because exterminators can help pinpoint Continue reading →

A Plumber’s Snake? What’s That?

DEAR HAMMER: One thing my uncle recommended when I moved into my recently purchased house is something called a plumber’s snake. Just what is that? I presume it’s for getting into pipes or something. — Tammy in Des Moines, Iowa DEAR TAMMY: You’re right, Tammy, it does have something to Continue reading →

Give Your Dryer a Good Cleaning

Question: I share a laundry room with the upstairs tenants, and the washer and dryer get heavy use. The only annoying thing is that the upstairs folks never clean out the lint screen, so after they are done drying several loads I end up removing half-inch-thick (or more) collections of Continue reading →