To the teacher charging $15/hr to tutor:

Hats off to you! I know good tutors are hard to come by and very, very expensive. The price for most of the specialized tutoring centers runs $40/hr and up and that’s not even a private session. Home tutors usually run $30 and up. It is wonderful that you are charging only $15/hr to give some of us an affordable boost for our childrens’ education – It’s a shame someone took issue with you using school letterhead and supplies, but they clearly missed the point. Keep up the great work!

One thought on “To the teacher charging $15/hr to tutor:”

  1. I agree with Christine. I think teachers who tutor should be able to charge whatever they want, within reason of course, but $15.00/hr. is a bargain. I had a tutor when I was in HS for a science course, and I don’t know how much it cost my parents, but it was truly worth it. I passed the science course with flying colors, I just needed the extra one-on-one to understand it better, and this was way, way back in the olden-days of the 70’s.
    I would have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD if there was testing for that in that decade, and the extra one-on-one help was truly needed. We see that even now, today’s student population, with truly diagnosed ADHD and ADD disabilities, students to much better with one-on-one learning.

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