How about a thank you

Every store, including number one in the country, has to retrain their clerks/cashiers to say thank you after each sale. I am exhausted from doing business in stores where NOT ONE clerk says thank you. These “there you go,” “have a good one,” “have a nice day,” “no problem,” and whatever else they dream up are NOT ACCEPTABLE. I have not heard a thank you from a clerk of any age in months. There is plenty of competition where I can spend my money, like the internet, so let’s hear thank you.

2 thoughts on “How about a thank you”

  1. People mistake being nice with be appreciative, they are NOT the same thing. I pay good money to the store you are talking about, weekly and I feel like they could care less. Don’t the cashiers feel grateful for the money I am paying, that eventually goes into their pocket? Why doesn’t the business owner appreciate the customer?

  2. What’s wrong with “Have a nice day!”? They aren’t required to say anything to you! And from the tone of your post its obvious you aren’t the nicest person so why would they be nice to you? Your reaction is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Do you say thank you to them for helping you? It’s a two way street because while you are spending your money there they are obviously providing you a service. So do everyone in retail a service and shop online; trust me you aren’t going to break the local economy.

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