Understanding Sacrifice & Service

I Gotta Vent but must start with a Brighter Side! As a Veteran myself, I want to say Thank You to all local establishments that recognize vets and active military members. After seeing the gratitude from the crew at the Geneseo Applebee’s (which seems to grow every Veteran’s Day) it only made me want to pay it forward. After getting dinner, my wife and I took the time to drop off some of our possessions and donate to a local organization and this charity act is what leads to my venting… We are two kind souls trying to do something right and it was about 10 minutes before your Sunday 6pm closing time when we pulled into your lot. I got out of my car carrying big boxes and headed to your doors. When they didn’t open I looked to see when you closed (I had plenty of time). That’s when we made eye contact. You stared at me & you know who you are! Let me take this opportunity to thank you for turning off your lights on me and oh, for your “great” service! I still believe in what is right, so my worthy items will now go to a true organization of good nature & good will-the Salvation Army. Thank you for making my special day all the more special. If you don’t understand my sarcasm then let me go back to a brighter side that you might understand- SACRIFICE. To all my fellow Veterans, thank you for doing your part that gave us the right to participate in a Brighter Side/I Gotta Vent. I too lived it and understand. BRIEFLY DISAPPOINTED

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