Who Knows?

Who Knows? – August 12, 2012



Free Donations Available To Nonprofit Organizations Only
Who could use men’s clothing in 2/3X sizes and shoes in a size 13?
Who could use National Geographic magazines?
Who could use 100+ VHS tapes of movies – original, not something taped?
Who could use many board/box games – adult / teen players?
Who could use magazines: Self, Bazaar, Food & Wine, Jane, Redbook,
Diabetes Forecast and Dog Fancy (all new- never read)?
Who could use different kinds of yarn and crochet thread?


Free Donations Available to Nonprofit Organizations Only
About a secretary desk: Call 746-5432 or 243-0873.
About blank VCR tapes, DVD movies, yarn, fabric, unused greeting cards: Call 768-9246, 967-2797 or 359-1089, 746-5432 or 243-0873, 334-2628.
About a solid wood oval coffee table: Call 533-1841, 746-5432 or 243-0873.
About latex paint: Call 260-0232 or 367-3554, 382-4627 or 538-2168.
About 21 kitchen cabinet doors and hardware: Call 260-0232 or 367-3554, 746-5432 or 243-0873.
About 4’x8’ and 4’x4’ T-111 siding 3/8” and 5/8”: Call 746-5432 or 243-0873, 382-4627 or 538-2168.
About 4’x8’ and 4’x4’, 5/8” and 1 / 2 ” plywood: Call 746-5432 or 243-0873, 382-4627 or 538-2168.
About 2”x2s”, 2”x4s”, 2”x6s”, 8’, 12’, 14’ and 16’ lengths, most pressure treated: Call 321-9359, 330-6250, 746-5432 or 243-0873, 382-4627 or 538-2168.
About 4”x4”s, 10’, 12’ and 14’ lengths, pressure treated: Call 330-6250, 746-5432 or 243-0873, 382-4627 or 538-2168.
About 1”x2-1/2” PT lath, 6’, 7’, and 8’ lengths: Call 746-5432 or 243-0873, 382-4627 or 538-2168.
About wooden screen doors for animal pens: Call 746-5432 or 243-0873, 382-4627 or 538-2168.
About 8’x100’ heavy gauge plastic fencing/netting: Call 245-8125, 746-5432 or 243-0873, 382-4627 or 538-2168.
About 4’x100’ chicken wire fencing: Call 746-5432 or 243-0873, 382-4627 or 538-2168.
About 3’x8’ sheets of corrugated steel roofing (2,000 sq. ft.): Call 245-8125, 409-8860, 746-5432 or 243-0873, 382-4627 or 538-2168.
About 6 – 36”x38” tempered glass panes: Call, 746-5432 or 243-0873, 382-4627 or 538-2168.
About 2 – 8’ overhead sliding door tracks w/pulleys: Call 382-4627 or 538-2168.
About men’s shaving cream: Call 967-2797 or 359-1089, 425-2419 or 330-7628.
About scratch note pads: Call 768-9246, 967-2797 or 359-1089, 260-0232 or 367-3554.
About War of 1812 burial sites newspaper article: Call 359-7042.

Who Knows is for uncommon items or services.

  • We assume no responsibility for the advice or answers printed.
  • We reserve the right to edit or refuse any question or answer.
  • Submit your Who Knows online, call 226-8111 ext. 111, or write to:
    Who Knows?, GVPS, PO Box 340, Avon, NY 14414


Who Can Volunteer…

National MS Society Upstate NY Chapter
Ashley Greenman, Ashley.Greenman@nmss.org, 585-271-0808 x70322.
Partner with us in the fight against MS! We need volunteers to help at special events like Bike MS, programs like the Friendly Visitor program, to serve on task forces, work in our Rochester office, and more.

Ontario ARC
Allison Cassara, 585-394-7500 x123.
Looking for volunteers to assist w/recreation events: basketball, softball, Bingo, bowling.

Phelps Community Center
Janie Burgess, 315-548-8484. Looking for Volunteers for the Community Center.

Rainbow Ridge Therapeutic, Inc.
585-245-8125; 4217 Lima Rd.
Looking for volunteer leaders & side walkers (must be 16 or older) to assist horseback riders w/special needs.

Retired Teachers (and any other Teachers) Needed
Linda, 585-317-7269 or 315-462-9072.
Retired teachers needed to tutor children with cancer or other chronic diseases 1 or 2 hours per week.

RSVP at Lifespan
MaryBeth Gueldner, 585-244-8400.
Volunteers needed to be trained as coaches, to provide transportation, to act as friendly, tutors and/or mentors.

Wayne ARC
Jeanna Rouland, HR Volunteer Coordinator, (315) 331-7741, ext. 267, jeanna.rouland@waynearc.org
Opportunities for volunteering include participating in reading, crafts, and music activities in our Day Habilitation Program; lunch monitors; one-on-one experiences such as reading, photography, gardening in a group home setting and/or assistance with recreational outings and weekend respite services. We are also looking for volunteers to assist in our preschool program – Roosevelt Children’s Center – in a classroom setting. We also have special events during the year like our Agency Golf Tournament, United Way Walk, fundraisers and more! A special request is for pet therapy in our Clinic – Occupational Therapy Department and also in our Residential Program.


Who Can Volunteer Column Guidelines
• Must be a non-profit organization & provide non-profit number.
• Submissions entered as space allows.
• We reserve the right to decline/omit/edit information.
• Go to www.gvpennysaver.com and click on Who Knows? under the “Features” menu.

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