Who Knows?

Who Knows? – March 31, 2013



Who can create a large, stable outdoor balloon arch for use at the Relay For Life of Henrietta on June 29, 2013?

Donations Needed for a Nonprofit Organization Only
Who could donate a family size side by side refrigerator?
Who could donate an Airdyne bike?

Free Donations Available To Nonprofit Organizations Only
Who could use a large assortment of 3-ring binders of all sizes (1/2”-4”)?
Who could use a loveseat-size pull-out sofa bed?
Who could use a generous amount of basketball cards or a Disney collection, or Star Trek set of collector cards?
Who could use Reader’s Digest condensed books?


About driving women Veterans to appointments and back: Call 425-8721, 671-5762. You can also call the Disabled American Veterans Transportation Service (DAV) at 585-463-2661.

Donations Needed for a Nonprofit Organization Only
About donating yarn: Call 226-9582, 424-6029, 370-0245.
About donating a doghouse/igloo: Call 370-0245.
About donating men’s neck ties: Call 424-6029.
About donating arts and crafts supplies: Call 424-6029.

Free Donations Available to Nonprofit Organizations Only
About a new hospital bed: Call 226-2246.
About two black ink cartridges for an HP56 printer: Call 708-4129.
About one black ink cartridge HP60 printer: Call 708-4129.
About artificial flowers: Call 768-8953, 346-6308.

Who Knows is for uncommon items or services.

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Who Can Volunteer…

Cuylerville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
Melissa Mumm, cuylervillemedic@gmail.com; 2943 Canandaigua Street, P.O Box 247, Leicester, NY 14481
Cuylerville Volunteer Fire Department is desperately in need of EMT-Basics. We are welcoming both current EMTs and any other individuals (18 years or older) who are interested in taking an EMT course. SUNY Geneseo students welcome! If you would like more information please contact a Cuylerville Fire department member or email us at cuylervillemedic@gmail.com

Habitat for Humanity of Ontario County
Volunteer drivers needed at our ReStore Truck for pick ups, part time help during the week, and also need someone for approximately 5 hours on Saturdays. No special license needed, but clean driver’s record required. If you are interested in volunteering for an organization that truly makes the world a better place, give us a call! Contact Dale Reed, ReStore
Manager, at 585-396-3600.

Volunteer help needed at our ReStore, located at 3040 County Road 10 in Canandaigua. We need friendly, helpful people who like to work in a retail environment, who can help with stocking, accepting donations, ringing the register, and helping out in a very busy store doing a wide variety of tasks. We are open four days a week, Wednesday – Saturday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day. Whatever hours you’re available, we can find you a place! You can apply online at www.hfhoc.org – click on the Help Out tab and fill out a volunteer form telling us what you would like to help out with. Someone will contact you and let you know when to show up to lend a hand. No matter what your talents or interests, your ideas can make a difference in someone’s life. Join one of our committees! You can fill out a Volunteer form online at www.hfhoc.org, or give us a call at 585-396-3600.

Hometown Thrift Store
Nathan Welton, 585-335-3203, nathanwelton@hotmail.com.
Volunteers needed for non-profit thrift store that benefits summer camp.

H.O.R.S.E. Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc.
Chris or Mike Dodge, 585-584-8210; 7906 Dow Rd, Pavilion.
Looking for a volunteer once or twice a week to help with daily chores and caring for rescued horses.



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