Jennifer Howe & Cancer Comfort Bag Project Inc.:

             Jennifer Howe was born and raised in Dansville; her roots run deep in this compassionate, close-knit community. Howe has worked for the Genesee Valley Penny Saver for nearly 20 “amazing” years. She is the proud parent of her two fur baby cats, Olyver and Willow. Little did she k…

Given the unusual circumstances that have defined 2020 thus far, how likely are you to tune in to the 2020-2021 football season?

Poll Ends 09-22-20 Results From 09-15-20: In light of the current pandemic, the process of finding and manufacturing a solution has been fast tracked with a possible U. S. vaccine expected as early as late October of this year. Would you take this vaccine? 27% Absolutely! 15% Maybe 58% No way!

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